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Stephanie initially fell in love with playing the piano when she was 9 years old.  She would picture the keys on her desk at school and tap her fingers along them, practicing for her next piano lesson. 

Learning to make music with her hands and then getting to sing along to it unlocked a whole new fascination for her.  She began learning how to play the guitar in 2003 and has hardly put it down since. 

Having an eclectic taste in music, her set lists vary from Van Morrison to Britney Spears, from Bad Company to Adele, with a bit of Otis Redding & The Tragically Hip in there for good measure. 

You can catch her playing around Banff at restaurants such as Farm & Fire, The Bison, The Rimrock, The Brew Pub, and even up at Sunshine Mountain Lodge during the winter months.  

She is a versatile performer known to sing at corporate events, weddings, music festivals, brand launches, and outdoors in all seasons.  Whether it's singing a bride down the aisle, background music over dinner, or engaging with an audience at a festival, she loves to share music wherever she goes.

Stephanie is currently working on recording a new album, so stay tuned for the release of some new music videos & audio tracks in October 2023!

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