About Me

I went to my first yoga class when I was 29. I call it my first because it was the first class that I went to for my self, for my own body. I didn’t go with a friend, I didn’t know the teacher or anyone else in the room or even what kind of “yoga” we’d be doing. I sat on a mat that cost me $2 to rent, drew my knees into my chest, crossed at the ankles and sat all wrapped up like a shy little peanut not really knowing what to expect. What happened next I will never forget.

I looked down at my legs, knees bent hugged in just below my chin and felt for the first time in my life a profound connection to my own body. ...Finally, right? 29 years of walking around on these things and I had never even really looked at them.

I spent the first 29 years of my life with a belief that it was selfish to acknowledge myself, let alone be in my body and look after it. I’m finally realizing that it’s not selfish. In fact, it's pretty damn near imperative, for me at least.

This is why I teach.  I know the practice of yoga to be transformative because it has changed my own life.  It's been an incredible gift that I'm thankful for every day.  The combination of breath work, meditation & movement has the ability to work wonders in our mind body and spirit.