About Me

Music has been important to me my whole life.  It all started with piano when I was 10, onto trumpet at 12, bass guitar at 15, electric at 16, and by 18, found my way to my very own acoustic guitar.

I spent the summer after high school hitchhiking around BC, exploring music festivals, busking, creating & sharing music.  As the seasons began to turn, the temps dropped & I found myself in Jasper, where I played at my first open mic. It was terrifying & so much fun. 

Later that year I moved to Banff where I met local musician Gary Gonis who took me under his wing.  He encouraged me to play music and taught me some tricks of the trade when it came to performing. He even gave me my own weeknight show, every Thursday, at our local music watering hole, Brunos. 

Over the years, music has remained a constant in my life. Whether playing in the quiet hours of the morning with my tea on the balcony or getting up on stage to share it with others.  It brings me so much joy and I'm so thankful to be sharing it with you.

During the initial restrictions of Covid, I began playing weekly Facebook live shows for my friends & family to keep us connected. Now that restrictions are lifting, I am so delighted to be performing & sharing music with all of you live in person!