• Stephanie O'Dette

Cultivate Joy

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

A few days ago a teacher of mine told me something that she had heard a couple weeks ago. It was something that John Kim said on the angry therapist podcast. "The angrier you get, the angrier you get."



When we feel anger toward someone or something, the only thing it feeds: is more anger. And the only person that gets to feel all of that anger: is us.

Eckhart says that what we react to in another, we strengthen in ourselves. What do you react to? What throws you off? What do you allow to rob your peace? What really grinds your gears? What do you give permission to ruin your day?

Acknowledge it, ask yourself why, then let that shit go my friend. We have a finite amount of energy each day; use it to cultivate joy, not waste on anger.

Whatever the mind is fertile for is what will grow there. When we cultivate joy, it becomes our automatic response. Find the lesson, find the good; it's always there somewhere.

©2019 by Stephanie O'Dette

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